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Mobile Clinic

The Harare SPCA Mobile Clinic visits high density areas of Harare such as Kuwadzana, Chitingwiza, Warren Park and many more.  Visits are weekly and basic treatments such as vaccination, parasite control including dipping and general advice are given.  Sick and injured animals can also be brought to the mobile clinic where they will be collected and brought back to the surgery for treatment. 

Help & Advice

When do I vaccinate my puppy?  What do I do if my dog is sick? How do I report a case of cruelty or neglect?  We offer help and advice on all these subjects including how to feed and care for your dog and cat correctly.  What age they should be sterilised (spayed and neutered) to prevent breeding and straying. Who to contact if you encounter cruelty towards an animal.  We are open 356 days of the year! 

Get involved

Love dogs and cats and would like to do your bit to help out?  There are plenty of opportunities available for every age!  From washing and walking to sitting quiety with nervous residents.  If your time is short and you are unable to provide "hands on" help there are many other ways to make a difference.  Check out the "get involved page above".